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DataLens - A Smart Solution
for Industry 4.0

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Seamless Digital Transformation

Your Partner in Industry 4.0 Solutions

Comprehensive Solution for Industry 4.0

A versatile IoT platform designed to enhance operational efficiency and smart decision-making

Integrate Anything

Seamlessly connect and manage all your devices, sensors, and equipment to gain comprehensive insights and control.

Enhance Operational Performance

Utilize integrated analytics and data-driven insights to optimize energy, water, asset, and process management.

Scale with DataLens

Harness the adaptability and advanced modules of DataLens to support and expand your digital transformation journey.

what we do

Empowering SMEs with Intelligent Industrial Solution

We simplify the integration of Industrial IoT to drive innovation. Our powerful platform enables businesses to achieve their Industry 4.0 vision, transforming challenges into opportunities for operational excellence.

Comprehensive Feature Set

DataLens provides a robust suite of features for reporting, alerting, visualization, and advanced analytics. With a diverse library of analytical widgets tailored for specific use cases, our platform delivers actionable insights to drive informed decision-making.

Scalable Data Management

DataLens is designed to handle any type and volume of data, ensuring effectiveness for a wide range of business cases. Our platform's scalability supports growing data needs while maintaining high performance.

Advanced Technology Framework

Built on cutting-edge technologies, DataLens ensures high availability, exceptional performance, and stability. Our flexible architecture allows for seamless deployment on-premise, tailored to your organization’s requirements.

Optimized User Experience

DataLens prioritizes user experience with intuitive access control and a streamlined interface. Our platform is designed to provide an optimized environment that enhances productivity and ease of use for all users.

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who we are

We are an industrial software provider dedicated to enabling digital transformation for small and medium enterprises. Our platform, DataLens, offers real-time data visualization, advanced user & asset management, and robust alarm systems, empowering our Clients to minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency.